Community Welfare

Under privileged women from all over Karachi are issued Al Zohra Welfare cards to lessen the burden of running their households. All Al Zohra Welfare cards are made after proper Background checks. The women are interviewed and if they seem deserving, their residence is visited for a surprise check.

Criteria of eligibility for an Al Zohra Welfare card:-

1. Widowed grandmothers left with the task of taking care of orphaned grandchildren. Mostly these grandmothers do not have an earning member in the family
2. Old widows who do not have an earning member, or do not have kids to take care of them and are alone.
3. Single mothers with small children, who cannot leave their kids with anyone to go out and earn a living.
4. Wives or daughters with the father, husband or the earning member very sick.

After all verifications, They are issued an Al Zohra card through which they get Ration grants and Education grants.

Education Grants:-

The education grant card makes the holder eligible to get monthly monetary stipend to cover the cost of education, this is of Rs.1500/month. In addition once a year uniforms, extra money for books and stationery is provided. The progress of a student is monitored through their term report cards, a copy of which has to be submitted every term. They are also given incentives for higher grades, with presents and gifts etc.
These cards are issued to encourage the underprivileged people in the slum areas to educate their children especially their daughters.

All of Al Zohra Teachers are encouraged for further education. They are helped financially to pay for their books and courses and are given paid preparatory leave for examinations. Many of the teachers joined after their intermediate exams but are now graduates and have done their masters.

Ration Grants:-

Ration distribution is done during the first week of every month to Al Zohra Card holders. The Ration pack is worth Rs1500/- Some of the more deserving households are given larger ration packs plus money. Women who cannot afford essential medicines are provided Tegretol for epilepsy, high blood pressure medicines, diabetes medicine and thalesemia medicines.

Because of lack of funds we unfortunately have to refuse and turn away many deserving women. At present the monthly requirement for our card holders is more than three lakh.

Wedding Assistance:-

This is not only for the card holders; Any one eligible for Zakat can apply with an application stamped and verified by their neighborhood masjid’s Imam. The bride to be and the mother are interviewed separately and if needed their home is visited for verification. They are provided with clothes and basic supplies. Cash is very seldom given.

Free Medical Clinics, Consultation and Distribution of Medicines.

Three Lady doctors volunteer to treat the underprivileged people of the area and other areas for free.
1. Skin clinic by Dermatologist Dr Naqeeba Munshi MCPS on Thursdays. A highly qualified skin specialist has been coming to Alzohra since 2004.Mrs Tahira Nisar assists her and is responsible for getting the medicines needed. They have treated up to 7600 patients and given up to Rs 400000 worth of free medicines. Many chronic patients have been cured by her.

2. General Clinic by highly experienced Dr Shaheen Rasool who treats the school kids of Al Zohra on Mondays.
She comes from 10.30 to 11.30 for the general Hygiene and health checkup of all the Students in the School. Records of height and weight increases are all kept.

3. General clinic by Dr Farhat Kashif Rasool on Fridays (4:30 to 6:00)