Alzohra Secondary School


Al Zohra Secondary school starts
from Pre-Nursery to Matric,  It provides a high standard of education comparable to the elite English medium schools of the country . Alzohra high school’s  Principal is Mrs. Mahnaz Mehmud ,an educationalist with more than 20 years of experience as V.P of Bahria Karsaz School’s different Sections. Our teachers are regularly  given  various workshops. In addition we have the following facilities in our School;

  • complete Nazra Quran Pak, Seerat tun Nabi SAWS part of syllabus.
  • English language interactive software “Rosetta Stone” part of Syllabus.
  •  Microsoft Office courses as part of our curriculum.
  • Videos of all subjects and all chapters are shown regularly.  These are sent home daily on WhatsApp.
  • Large Led screens are used.
  • Friday assembly shows informative and character building videos.
  • Sometimes free tuition is given by students from Nixor College.
  • They are encouraged to take up Vocational Training Courses

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